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Can I save a quiz as a template?

How to save quizzes for later or create a bank of quizzes for sharing

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Yes, you can create template quizzes in Educake. Since teachers at your school can see each other's template quizzes, you can use this feature to create a bank of standardised quizzes across your school. This article will show you how to work with template quizzes in Educake.

Creating new template quizzes

You can create template quizzes in Educake in the same way that you set regular quizzes. Start by clicking "Create New Quiz or Template" in the course you're working with. Here's what this looks like:

Then choose your subject, unit(s), topic(s), and questions. When you reach the "Add Extras" page, you'll have the choice to continue and assign the quiz to classes, or to save it as a template. Save it as a template by clicking the "Save Quiz as Template" button, here:

If you'd rather assign the quiz right away instead of saving it as a template, just click "Set Quiz Dates" at the top or bottom of the screen to move on to the next screen.

If you save your quiz as a template, you'll be taken to your list of saved templates.

Editing, using and deleting templates

Once you've created a template, it's easy to make changes to it or use it to set quizzes. You can do all of these things by clicking on "Saved Template Quizzes":

Editing templates

You can make changes to an existing template by clicking on the pencil icon next to the quiz name. Here's what this looks like:

Setting quizzes from templates

When you or another teacher has created a template, you can create a copy of it to set to your classes by clicking on this button:

When you click this button to set a quiz, you can make changes to the quiz but they won't be saved to the original template.

Deleting templates

You can delete a template by clicking on the X next to its name, like this:

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