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How do I move a student into a different class?
How do I move a student into a different class?

How to transfer students between groups

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It's easy to move students between classes in Educake. You can do this for one student or multiple students at a time. This article will show you how to do both of these.

Moving one student

First, click on Manage Students, Classes and Years, here:

Select the year that the student is currently in, and then the class they're currently in. Here's what this will look like:

Select a student by clicking on their name. (If you want to deselect them, just click their name again.) You'll see a box appear to the right. Click "Add to another class", like this:

Then choose the class you're moving them into. Click "Save".

You'll then be asked if you would like to remove that student from the their other class(es) in that subject. For example, if Angela was in class 8A for science and we have now added her to class 8B for science, selecting yes would remove her from 8A and leave her in 8B. If we selected no, she would be in both 8A and 8B.

That's it! This student has now been moved into a different class. Their quiz results are still linked to their account. For information on how to assign them any quizzes that have already been set to their new class, read this article.

Moving multiple students

To move multiple students at once, follow the same steps as above but select as many students a you need to before you click "Add to another class". All of the students who are selected at that time will be added to the new class, and removed from their old classes in that subject if you choose that option.

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