How do I delete students?

How to remove one or multiple student accounts.

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Any teacher at your school can delete students at your school. Deleting a student account removes their login as well as their quiz results. It cannot be undone, so if you'd like to download their student report or any of their quiz results for your records, do so first. 

To delete student accounts, start from Manage Students, Classes and Years. You can find this on your My Educake page here:

Select the year that the student is in. Then select their class by clicking on its name. Here's what this will look like:


Deleting one student

When you click on a class name, a list of its students will appear below. To delete a student's account, click on their name. A box will appear on the right of the screen, like this:

Once you're sure you'd like to delete the account, click "Delete Student". Click "Yes" on the confirmation.

Deleting multiple students

Click on the names of all the students you would like to delete. (Tip: if you'd like to delete students from more than one class, you can display all the student names in one year by clicking on "All" rather than on the name of one class.) Here's what you'll see:

In the box on the right, click "Delete students". Then click "Yes" on the confirmation.

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