Yes, you can filter the list of tests that you see on your My Educake page. You can do this for one or multiple classes.

Filtering the tests that you have set

Start by clicking the "Filter" button, which you can find here:

Select the year of the class you're looking for. When you click a year, all of the classes in that year will appear. 

Click the class whose tests you would like to see. This will apply the filter immediately. To deselect a class, just click it. In this example, only the tests that this teacher has set for class 7S are displayed:

Here is what the filter will look like if you want to show all the tests you've set for two classes, 7S and 8N: 


Filtering tests form all teachers at your school

You can also use these filter buttons to see all tests that have been set to a class by any teacher at your school, not just you.

Start by clicking on "Show other teachers' tests", shown below. This will expand the test list to show all tests that have been set by teachers at your school. They'll be arranged by teacher.

Then use the filter buttons the same way you would above. Toggle a filter on or off by clicking it.

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