When you set a quiz to your students, you can see all of their attempts at it. Here's how to do this.

View the results grid as you normally would, by clicking on the quiz from your My Educake page. You'll automatically see your students' first attempt at the quiz.

If any students have attempted the quiz a second time, you'll see a button called "View next attempts at quiz". Here's what this looks like:

When you click this button you'll see the results for any students who have made a second attempt at the quiz. In the example below, Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton have both taken the quiz a second time. To return to the first attempt results, click the "View previous attempts at quiz" button.

If any students have attempted the quiz a third time, the "View next attempts at quiz" button will still appear.

There is no limit to the number of times students can retake a quiz.

For information on how students can retake quizzes, read this article.

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