Yes, you can add students individually in Educake. Here's how to do this:

1. Go to their class in "Manage Students, Classes and Years"

Log in to Educake and click "Manage Students, Classes and Years" on your My Educake page. Here's where to find this:

Select the year and then the class that the student will be added to. The current list of students in the class will appear below. Click "Add a Student", here (you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page if you have more classes, to find this button):

2. Enter the student's details

In the window that appears, enter the student's first name and last names. The year and class will already be selected. In this example, we're adding Marian Diamond to the Educake Demo class in Year 9:

Click "Save". 

A username will be automatically generated for your student. Their password will start out the same as their username, and they'll be asked to create a new one the first time they log in.

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