We require schools to share only students’ names, school years and classes. We do not require email addresses or home addresses of students.

Teachers who wish to use Educake are required to share their names and email addresses.

We also store the address of the school.

This information is shared either by uploading it to our secure servers by SSL 3.3 / TLS 1.2 encryption, or by email.

Does Educake require any extra information to be shared by teachers or students?

We collect some information automatically about your device, such as the device used, IP address, MAC address and IMEI number. This automatically gathered information is used to enable us to provide you with a better service by helping us to understand how our website is used and by reporting any technical problems to us (anonymously). We do not collect precise real-time location information about devices.

Optional information: mobile numbers and email addresses

Educake has an optional two-factor authentication system to allow users to reset their passwords. They can do this by adding their phone number and/or their email address to our system. 

To ensure absolute security, all phone numbers are stored with irreversible one-way encryption on our database. This means we never know the phone numbers. Any email address that a student provides is stored securely and only used for password recovery.

Here's how the password reset function works via mobile number:

  1. The user enters their username (or email address if they're a teacher)
  2. If they have stored their phone number they are asked to enter the number
  3. We encrypt the number they have entered and check this code matches the encryption code stored on our database
  4. If the encrypted codes match, an automatic text message is sent to the number the user has just entered, containing the access code to allow them to change their password

Here's how the password reset function works via email:

  1. The user enters their email address
  2. If they have stored their email address, they are sent an email. The email contains a link to a page where they can reset their password.

Heads of Department can disable either of these authentication systems for all users at their school under "Add Teachers and Manage Account".

From time to time we may also ask users to take part in a competition. To benefit from these services users may be required to provide us with information such as their name and email address.

What other information do you store about users once they use Educake?

We store information about their use of Educake. For example, for students we store all their answers to questions, the tests they have created, the time they last logged in, and other activity on the website.

For teachers, we store the tests they have created, comments on questions, and other activity on the website.

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