All information on students is kept until the summer holidays after they leave the school. For schools that end their subscriptions with Educake, we destroy their data in the August after their subscription ends. For example, if a school were to end their subscription in May 2019, we would destroy their data in August 2019. We do this because many schools return to Educake after their trial and want to restore their old data.

On request, we can destroy a school’s data within 48 hours.

Information is deleted by anonymising it. This is done by replacing all student and class names with random strings. This cannot be reversed. For example, John Smith would become by YMgb2sVp oY3vANu1, and there is no way to derive John Smith's name from this. This is done so that we can continue to improve our understanding of how questions are answered, while ensuring anonymity.

On request we can delete all data, removing it from our servers completely.

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