Yes, you can upload a spreadsheet to make your set changes all at once. To do this, you'll need a spreadsheet with the following information:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Year

  • Class

  • Subject

We also recommend including this information:

  • UPN (to make sure students don't end up with duplicate accounts)

  • Email address (for resetting passwords)

  • Mobile number (for resetting passwords)

If a student is in more than one class, (for example, a Science class and a Geography class), use a second row.

You can then send the spreadsheet to us at or you can upload it yourself.

To upload it yourself, log in to Educake and click "Add or Move Students in Bulk" in green. The uploader will walk you through several steps to make sure it can match up any returning students with their accounts.

Why do we ask for UPN?

We highly recommend you include a unique identifier for each student. This can be unique to your school, but each student should keep the same one throughout their entire time at your school. This allows you to quickly move students into their new classes when the next school year starts, and ensures that their progress and completed quizzes stay associated with their accounts.

Why do we ask for student email addresses and mobile numbers?

We recommend you include an email address or mobile number for each student you upload. This is so students can reset their own passwords if they ever forget them. It's not required, but it does mean that students don't have to wait until the next class time to ask you to reset their passwords.

If you choose not to include students' contact details with your spreadsheet, students can still add their own contact details when they've logged in to Educake. 

For information on how to disable this and how student password resets work, read this article:

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