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Yes, in addition to teachers being able to reset student passwords, students can reset their own passwords by mobile phone or by email. 

In order to use these methods, your school needs to have these options enabled, and the student needs to have saved their mobile number or email address. This article will show you to make sure this is enabled for your school, and how it works for students.

How to enable mobile and email password resets for students at your school

Student email and mobile password resets are enabled by default for each school. However, a Head of Department at your school can disable one or both of them. Here's how to do this:

Navigate to the school's account administration page by logging in to My Educake and  clicking "Add Teachers and Manage Account" inside the "Manage Your Account" section. Here's what this looks like:

You'll then see the school's account management page. Look for the boxed section entitled "Student Password Recovery Options". Here's what this looks like:

To disable one of the options, untick the check box next to it by clicking on it once. Your changes will automatically save.

Note that if both email password recovery and text message password recovery are disabled, your students will not be prompted to provide information when they log in. This means our automated password mechanisms won't be available for them. In this case, only teachers can reset student passwords.

How it works for students

In order for a student to take advantage of these automated password reset features, they'll need to store either their email address and/or mobile phone number in their Educake account. 

When a student logs in to Educake, they might be prompted to provide this information, but it's not mandatory and they can choose not to be asked about it again. They can edit or remove this information at any time from the Help buttons on their My Educake page.

Once a student has saved either their mobile or their email address (or both), they'll be able to reset their password day or night, at any time.

If a student resets their password by mobile phone, we'll send them an SMS message which contains a 6 digit code. They'll then need to enter the code on our website in order to set a new password.

If a student resets their password by email, we'll send them an email containing a link to an Educake page where they can enter a new password.

Data use and protection

Any email address that a student provides is stored securely and only used for password recovery. This means we'll only ever use the email address to send them an email containing a link to a page where they can enter a new password.

Any mobile phone number that a student provides is one-way encrypted - so it's not visible to anyone - not even us!  We store the encrypted version and the last 2 digits of the phone number only.

If you'd like to know more about our Privacy Policy and how we store personal data, please head over to our Privacy Policy page.

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