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Can I choose which units my students can access?
Can I choose which units my students can access?

How to customise the content that your students see in Educake

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If there's a unit that you'd like to turn off for your students, such as an English Literature or history option that your class isn't studying, your Head of Department can do this from My Educake. Here's how:

Step 1:

On your My Educake page, scroll down to the course you'd like to customise and click "Manage Content". It looks like this: 

Step 2: 

You'll see a grid with classes along the top and Educake units along the left. You can see how many Educake topics are in each of the units. Choose the year you'd like to customise content for, along the top:

Step 3:

Scroll down to the unit you'd like to hide or unhide. Click on a green tick to hide the unit from a class. Click on a blank square to unhide the unit.


What happens when a unit is hidden?

If a box is unticked, it means that that unit is hidden from that class. That means:

  • Students in that class won't be able to see the unit on their Track Progress page

  • When they set themselves a quiz, they won't be able to see or choose that unit

  • Questions from that unit will be excluded from the Smart Assistant

  • Teachers can still assign quizzes from that unit to the class. They'll just see a warning message before they do so.

In the example below, all year 9 students will be able to see only the Romeo & Juliet and Lord of the Flies topics in Educake. However, their teachers will still be able to set them quizzes from any English Literature unit or topic.

This feature is available for English, history and computer science at the moment, but we'll be adding it to other subjects soon.

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