We asked some teachers how they've been using Educake in and out of the classroom. Here are the ideas they shared - read on for further details:

  • Ask students to use Educake on their mobile phones

  • Use Educake to help identify areas where extra support is needed

  • Use Educake in a live lesson and get real-time results

  • Check engagement and give feedback

  • Assign links to Educake study guides, and link to other resources

  • Encourage students to set themselves tests for practice

  • Create template tests to share with your department


1. Ask students to use Educake on their mobile phones

If students have access to a smartphone, the Educake app enables them to answer questions and review revision materials. It means students can complete quizzes wherever they are and don't need access to a computer.

“The kids can do Educake on their phones which does help so it's not about a having to sit with a screen with the desktop… it's totally doable on the phone size screen.” Catherine Wilson, Head of Science, Castleford Academy

You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

2. Use Educake to help identify areas where extra support is needed

It’s easy to see how students are getting on with their work from the results page, accessed from My Educake. You can view the results of individual tests and also track overall progress on topics. The test results tables make it easy to identify areas where students may need more help.

We are finding the data is very useful because we're starting to look back at tests that were done over the lockdown to identify particular topics where the students seem to be struggling so we can plan out intervention in school to support them” Simon Acton, Head of Science, Haydock High School

3. Use Educake in a live lesson

The results screen gives an instant overview of student progress as they complete tests - scores are updated in real time and can be anonymised to share with the whole class. It’s quick and easy for teachers to see which topics are proving tricky for students, whether as a whole class or for an individual.

“In science, we are using Educake as a tool for assessing learning during the lesson and giving live feedback on common misconceptions” Teacher, Twitter, January 2021

“Great to be able to spot questions I need to re-teach/explain (Q6 below) and also to see who hasn't logged in.” Teacher, Twitter, January 2021

4. Check engagement and give feedback

As soon as students answer questions you can see student engagement as well as results. Teachers can send feedback to specific students.

“So glad they’ve added the feature on Educake to alert us when students query a mark. Exactly what we asked for. It’ll save me loads of time – I can just check the alerts each day.” Science teacher, Twitter May 2020

Alongside questions, science and geography teachers can assign study guides (links to how-to video). These cover the key points of every unit in the GCSE specification in bite-size chunks. Available for AQA, Edexcel and OCR Gateway Science, and AQA Geography.

You can assign links to other online resources and share tests to your Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom pages, using the ‘share a link’ button. Find out more.

“During lockdown we aligned our schemes of work in KS3 and 4 with Oak National Academy and Educake sits alongside that. It's been particularly useful with our spiral curriculum that we’ve been able to set tests, so that students can just keep dipping in and out.” Simon Acton, Head of Science, Haydock High School

6. Encourage students to set themselves tests for practice

Students can set their own questions to further test their knowledge. The Smart Assistant creates personalised tests based on previous results. When a student logs in three tests are automatically suggested to help students find a good place to start.

The best impact it has on students is… reducing test anxiety… They really like that when they get it wrong, it shows them the correct answer straight away” Ben Fisher, Head of Science, St Ursula’s Convent School

7. Create template tests to share

One teacher told us that her school had set up template tests for each year group to use during lockdown. When you create a test you can choose to save it as a template that means it is easily accessible for all the teachers in your department.

“Saving tests as a template means that every teacher is able to use them. So we've got those already set up and ready to go.” Heather Thomson, Head of Physics, St Bartholomew’s School,

If we can be of any help in making the most of Educake, please get in touch: support@educake.co.uk.

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