Here are things to try if you are having difficulties with Educake.

If you’re on a desktop:

  1. Hard refresh the browser. If you are using a family computer please check with your parent or carer first. To do this, if you are using Windows, hold down the Ctrl key and press F5.

  2. Try using Educake on another browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari. 

If you’re on our app:

  1. Check for updates. We are making changes all the time to make our apps the best possible resources. Older versions of the app may have issues that updating the app will fix.

  2. Update to the latest version of the app

  3. Reopen the Educake app and try again. 

Still experiencing issues? 

Please drop us a line at about the technical issue you’re experiencing and we will help you.

Please include the following to help us diagnose the problem:

  1. How are you using Educake (desktop, mobile, Android app)?

  2. What browser are you using (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari)?

  3. What is your username?

  4. Have you tried any other browsers? Did you have the same issue on the new browser?

  5. Have you tried to hard refresh your current browser? (Press Ctrl and F5).

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