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How do I update my email address and password?
How do I update my email address and password?

How to change or correct your email address and password in Educake

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For teachers

If you're a teacher, follow these steps to update your details in Educake.

1. Log in to Educake using the email you registered with.

2. Click on your name in the upper right corner. Or you can click on "Change My Details" in the lower right.

3. Click on "Click to enter your password", here:

4. Make any changes you need to make to your email address or your password.

5. Click "Save changes" if you've updated your email address, or "Save new password" if you've updated your password.

6. From now on you'll log in to Educake using these new details.

If you're not sure what email address you used to register with Educake, please get in touch with us at

For students

If you're a student, follow these steps to update the email address you have saved in Educake. If your school hasn't enabled email addresses for students, you won't be able to do this.

  1. Log in to Educake

  2. Click "My account" on your My Educake page

  3. Click "Edit how we contact you"

  4. Type in your password

  5. Change your email address, or delete it if you don't want to save it in Educake

  6. Click "Save"

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