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What do students see?
Updates to the student view of Educake
Updates to the student view of Educake

What changes will students see when they use Educake?

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We’ve updated the student view of Educake to make it easier to focus on what’s important. We also hope this new design encourages low stakes practice by providing an easy starting point for students who aren't sure where to begin, and feedback that's easy to act on for those who are more self-directed.

We consulted with students on how they already use Educake and on different design options. We hope you and your students will like the changes and find Educake even easier to use. As always, we would really like to hear your feedback.

Summary of changes

  • More mobile friendly. Educake is easier to navigate on phones and tablets now.

  • Simplified home page. We’ve removed clutter and less important features from the My Educake page so upcoming assignments and easy revision stand out.

  • Friendlier Smart Assistant. We’ve simplified the look of the Smart Assistant. We’ve also fine-tuned the algorithm, so it’s even better at tailoring suggestions.

  • Better informed revision. When students want to lead their own revision, we’ve made it easier to make informed decisions about where to focus. Students can see an overview of their subjects, quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, and take action -- all from one place.

What hasn’t changed

  • Quizzes and study guides. Students won't see any changes to the look of quizzes or study guides. They answer questions and see feedback in the same way as before.

  • Students can still retake quizzes. Although completed quizzes have moved to a different page, students can still view and retake them as many times as they need to. They can do this by clicking "View all quizzes".

  • The app. These updates apply only to the Educake website at the moment -- not our Android and iOS apps.

  • The teacher view. These changes apply only to the student side of Educake. The teacher views of quizzes and progress tracking have stayed the same.

Quick reference

A. Adaptive learning suggestions

We’ve simplified the look of the Smart Assistant, but not the brains behind it. The Smart Assistant is now called Revision wizard. It's a single button that students can click if they want some guidance on what to study. We’ve also improved the algorithm so it’s tailoring both revision quizzes and new topic suggestions to your students’ needs.

B. Quizzes from your teacher

Upcoming teacher-set work is still front and centre. We’ve made it more prominent by moving other features (like completed quizzes, self-set quizzes, and account settings) off the My Educake page.

C. Full list of quizzes

Find all of your quizzes in one place by clicking “View all quizzes”. Completed quizzes are still green -- students can still retake them and see even more detail about how they did. Students can also see their self-set quizzes that are in progress.

D. View your progress and set yourself a quiz

Students can click on any subject to see a breakdown of their progress. They can easily identify their areas of weakness and study them with a single click.

E. Account information

Let’s face it, students don’t need to see password reset options every time they log in. So we’ve moved ‘housekeeping’ things out of such a prominent place, and onto to their own My Account page.

Feedback? Questions?

We’d really like to hear your thoughts. You can click on the purple chat icon in the lower right corner, or you can email us at

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