How do I set myself a quiz?

How students can set themselves quizzes in Educake

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There are two ways to set yourself a quiz in Educake. You can choose your own topics, or you can get a suggestion from the Revision wizard.

How to choose the topics in your quiz

In the purple Study and Quiz Yourself section, choose the subject you want to revise.

You'll see the topics that are in that subject. You can click on one to expand it. For each topic you can see how many questions you've answered and your average score.

You can click the "Quiz" button next to a topic to set a quiz in it. We recommend choosing a topic that you haven't answered many questions in yet, or a topic where you'd like to improve your score. You can also press on the "Select multiple topics" link at the top to create a quiz with questions from several topics.

If there is a "Study" button, that means the topic has a study guide available. You can press to read a short study guide. At the end of the study guide, you can take a quiz on the topic.

When you set yourself a quiz from this page, you can:

  • choose how many questions are in the quiz (up to 100)

  • skip questions you got right recently

  • choose which tier to study (if the subject has tiers)

How to get a suggestion from the Revision wizard

The Revision wizard can choose a topic for you to revise, or a new topic you haven't studied yet.

Click on the blue Revision wizard button at the top of the My Educake page.

Choose whether you'd like to learn something new or revise. If you're not sure, you can also choose "I'm not sure".

If your school uses Educake for more than one subject, you can also choose which subject you want to work on. If you're not sure, you can also choose "Anything's fine".

The Revision wizard will choose a topic or unit for you to work on. If there's a study guide, it will ask you if you want to read it before taking a quiz.

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