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How to quiz yourself on a specific topic
How to quiz yourself on a specific topic

How to find a topic and set yourself a quiz on it

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In the "Study and Quiz Yourself" section, you can choose what you want to revise. First, choose between KS3 and GCSE. Then choose the subject you want to revise:

If you know where to find your topic:

  1. Click the unit you want to study.

    You will see the topics in that unit. When you see the topic you want to study, click the "Quiz" button next to it

  2. You will see some options.

    The quiz will start out with 10 questions, but you can make it longer or shorter by typing a different number here:

  3. If you’re revising science, you might also be able to choose a tier. If you don't know which tier to use, choose "I'm not sure".

  4. If you want to challenge yourself, click "Yes" under the last question. Then your quiz will only have questions you got wrong and questions you haven’t answered for a long time.

  5. When you’re ready to start the quiz, click "Begin quiz".

If you don't know where to find your topic:

If you don't know where to find your topic, you can search for it.

  1. Click "Expand all". This will show you all the topics in the subject.

  2. If you're on a Windows computer, type Ctrl + F.

    If you're using a Macintosh computer, type Cmd + F.

    If you're on a mobile phone, tap the menu button in the corner of your browser. It might look like 3 dots or 3 lines. Then tap "Search in browser" or "Find in page".

  3. Type a key word that you're looking for into the box. For example, you could type "enzymes".

  4. When you find the topic you want to revise, click "Quiz" next to it.

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