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What are Educake questions like?
What are Educake questions like?

Are they multiple choice? Are they all auto-marked? Are there any long form (6 mark) questions?

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Most of Educake's questions are not multiple choice. Instead, the student types in a short answer (up to three words). This means teachers can see what students really think, rather than just their best guess from a list.

An important part of Educake is that all of the questions are automatically marked. Educake uses these short questions because even with today's computers there is no reliable way of self-marking longer answer questions. We think the time saved using Educake will allow teachers to spend time giving high quality feedback on longer answers, helping students to develop the skills needed to answer them.

You can see what Educake's questions are like by starting a free 30-day trial here, or by taking a sample quiz here.

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