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What is Educake?
Can I write my own questions?
Can I write my own questions?

Can teachers create their own Educake questions?

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Yes, teachers can now write their own questions in Educake! You can write auto-marked multiple choice questions in any topic. Here's how:

  1. Click "Create New Quiz or Template"

  2. Choose the topic(s) you want in your quiz

  3. At the bottom of any topic, click on "Add Question to..."

  4. Enter your question and its answers

  5. Click "Save as draft" if you aren't ready to use it yet, or click "Save and publish" if you want to use it straight away

Here's what you need for each question:

  • Question text

  • Correct answer

  • Incorrect answer(s)

  • Image (optional): if your image is more than 640 pixels wide, we'll shrink it down

  • Difficulty level: easier questions generally show up earlier in quizzes, and teachers can filter questions by difficulty level

  • Tier (if applicable): when students set themselves quizzes, they can choose a tier if the subject has tiers

  • Question type (like recall or application): these will show up on student reports, and teachers can use them to filter questions

Once you've created and published a question, you'll see it in the list of available questions and you can use it in a quiz. You and other teachers at your school can continue using the question as long as it's published.

We've written up some guidelines we use when writing questions here: Tips for writing effective multiple choice questions

What will the questions look like to students?

The questions will look the same as Educake's questions: the question will be at the top, with the answer options underneath it in a random order. If you added an image, the image will be resized to 640 pixels wide and will appear underneath the answer options. If the image is already smaller than that, we won't change the size.

Students won't be able to see which questions were written by teachers and which were written by Educake.

Who can see my questions?

Your questions are shared with your school. In each topic, teachers at your school can see all the custom questions, grouped by who wrote them. You can use each other's questions, and you can edit each other's questions.

When students set themselves quizzes or use the Smart Assistant, your questions are included in their quizzes.

How do I edit a question?

You can edit a question by clicking the magnifying glass, and then the "Edit" button.

What if I don't want to use a question anymore?

If you created a question and no longer want students to have access to it, you can unpublish it. This will essentially remove it from the pool of questions. To do this, click the magnifying glass and then "Unpublish".

If you unpublish a question after it's already been used in quizzes, it will continue to appear in those quizzes. You and the other teachers at your school won't be able to use it in any new quizzes until it's published again, and neither will your students or the Smart Assistant.

Questions or comments?

If you have any feedback you'd like to share, please email us at

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