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Option 1: we generate your student accounts for you

We’ll add your students for you. Just send us a spreadsheet with the following information for each student:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Year
  • Class
  • Class subject (this can be 'Science' , 'Geography', 'Maths' or 'English')
  • UPN (recommended)
  • Email address (recommended - this allows us to send students their usernames and allows students to reset their passwords via email)
  • Mobile number (optional - this allows students to reset their passwords via SMS)

To include a second class for a student, use a second row.

Your spreadsheet should look like this:

We’ll create accounts for your students, and send you their login details within the hour (although during busy periods this might take until the end of the day). We’ll also send you a PDF you can print on to sticky labels so you can distribute your students' details easier, and so students can stick them in their books or planners.

If you'd like our system to automatically email your students their username and a link to set their password, please let us know when you send your spreadsheet.

Option 2: you can add your own students

If you’d rather create your student accounts on your own, you can do that too. You can do this for large batches of students, or one student at a time. To do either of these things, start by clicking "Add or Move Students in Bulk" from your My Educake page, here:

First you’ll need to create a spreadsheet saved as a CSV file. Do this by going to "Save As…" and choosing CSV. Your spreadsheet must follow the same guidelines as above.

Tip: it's quickest if you include all your students on one spreadsheet, rather than uploading each class separately. They don't have to be in any particular order - in Educake they'll be organised by their classes, and then alphabetically by last name.

Once you’ve got your CSV file saved, sign in to Educake and click on "Add or Move Students in Bulk". At the bottom of the page there is a link to add your students yourself. Click on it, and select "Add Students".

You’ll be taken through the upload process, and your students’ login details will be emailed to you. You'll also have the option to automatically send your students their usernames and a link to set a password.

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