For security reasons, we don’t have access to students’ current passwords. You can, however, reset a class' or years' passwords all at once, and then download a list of their usernames. Their passwords will be reset to their usernames, and they'll be prompted to create a new password the first time they log in.

Here's how to do this for an entire class:


How to reset a class' passwords

In Manage Students, Classes and Years, select the year you want. Then select the class. In this example, we'll reset the passwords for the Educake Demo class.

Choose "All Students" at the top of the "Choose Student(s)" box, and you'll see the "Edit Chosen Students" box appear on the right, like this:

Note: you can deselect or select students by clicking on their names. You can also select all the students in a year at once, by clicking on "All" instead of a particular class.

Click on "Reset passwords to usernames".

Click "Yes" on the confirmation message that appears. All of these students' passwords have now been reset! 


How to download a class' details

From the same "Edit Chosen Students" box above, just click on "Download usernames". 

Click "Yes" on the confirmation message that appears.

A spreadsheet will automatically download containing your students' names, years, classes and usernames. (Hint: on most computers, this will be saved to your Downloads folder.)

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