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What feedback do students get on their answers?
What feedback do students get on their answers?

What students see each time they answer a question

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When students submit an answer, they are told whether it was right or wrong straight away. They are also shown all possible correct answers to a question. We think it's really important that students get that feedback immediately, so misunderstandings don't stay in their minds any longer than they have to. In paper-based homework, the misconception stays in the student's mind until they get their book marked by a teacher. If they have a question about one of the answers, they can submit it right away by clicking “Disagree with mark”, rather than forgetting about it before the next class.

In the example below the student has given the correct answer, although though they've spelled it wrong. Educake accepts spelling mistakes of up to two characters wrong.


Most questions in Science, English, History, Geography, Computer Science, Business Studies and PE also show students an explanation after they submit their answer. This means that in addition to being told if their answer is correct, they get an explanation of the correct answer. The explanation can correct misconceptions when they occur, and walk students through any thinking or workings out required to get to the correct answer so they're better equipped to do it themselves next time.

Below is an example of how the answer feedback and explanation look to a student:

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