Yes, there is an Educake app available for students. Students can download the Android version from Google Play here, and the iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store.

On the app, students can:

  • take quizzes they’ve been set by teachers

  • take personalised quizzes set by the Smart Assistant

  • stay logged in to Educake

At the moment students will need to use a browser on their phone in order to:

  • retake quizzes

  • set themselves quizzes

  • see teacher feedback

  • view their progress

  • take computer science or maths quizzes

Classroom mode

For using Educake on school devices, for example in an ICT suite, the app also has a Classroom Mode. In this mode, when students close the app they are logged out for security. Only teachers can turn this on or off.

Is there an app for teachers?

The app is for students only at this time. There is a way for teachers to sign in to the Educake student app, but this is only to turn Classroom Mode on or off.

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