What is Educake?

The basics of how Educake works

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Educake provides online homework and revision for secondary maths, English, geography, computer science, history, physical education, business studies and the sciences. It’s based on a bank of thousands of specification-mapped questions. They’re automatically marked, they accept spelling mistakes, and they’ve been written by our authors, who are teachers and specialist subject editors. Some of the questions are multiple choice, but most of them require students to type out one to three word answers, like this:

Teachers set quizzes in Educake by choosing an area of the specification and then selecting the questions they’d like to assign to their students. When their students log in, they’ll see the quiz at the top of the page. When they take the quiz they’ll get immediate feedback and so will the teacher.

All of a class’ responses and marks are displayed on a results grid for the teacher, like this:

Teachers can comment on individual questions or on a whole quiz, and they can change marks.

Educake for revision

Educake also helps students be more efficient about their revision. They can set themselves a quiz on any topic, and they can guide their decision with the Track Progress page, which shows them where their strengths and weaknesses are. Here's what it looks like:

Educake also includes revision material. This allows students to study a topic in Educake before taking a quiz on it. The revision material is designed to be easy to read and straight to the point, with minimal distractions. Here's what it looks like:

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