When a student logs in to Educake, this is what they see:

When they’re taking a test, they’ll see the answer to each question immediately after they’ve answered it, and they can disagree with a mark and send their teacher a message. That way they can correct their misunderstanding straight away instead of having to wait until the next class, when they might have forgotten it. This is what they see after they’ve answered a question:

Each student's progress is saved as they answer questions, so they can log out in the middle of a test and pick up where they left off later. Once they’ve finished a test, they’ll be asked three self-evaluation questions to encourage them to reflect on their working and learning:

Once they’ve done that, they can click on "View My Progress" to see their progress on all the topics in that unit. The progress is colour-coded from red through amber to green according to their percentage correct. They can also choose to take a randomly generated 10-question test on any of the topics so they can immediately get more practice in areas that need it. 

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