Yes, lots of students use Educake for independent learning or revision. There are three ways they can set themselves tests.

Set a test from My Educake

Students can set themselves tests by clicking on this button in their course [in this example, the course is GCSE (9-1) Science]:

They'll choose the subject and then the topic they'd like to review, and then enter the number of questions they'd like to answer. Educake will then automatically generate a test for them, and the questions will be self-marked just like in the tests that teachers set. Students will also see the same results grid and progress tracking after the test.

Set a test while viewing results

When a student finishes a test you’ve set them, they have the option to view their progress across topics, as shown below. When they do this, they can click on the arrow next to any topic to take a short 10-question test on that topic.

Answer ten random questions

A few students asked us to be able to set a random test across all subjects, so students can now do this. They can set themselves a short ten-question test that is randomly generated from all three Science subjects, by clicking here in their course:

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