It's quick and easy to set tests in Educake. Start by clicking the "Create New Test or Template" button in the course you're teaching. For example, to set a test to GCSE Science students, click here:

The website will then guide you through these five steps:

  1. Choosing a topic from the specification

  2. Choosing your questions

  3. Adding extras (optional)

  4. Choosing test dates (optional)

  5. Choosing your students

Here's more information on how to do each of these.

1. Choosing a topic from the specification

Once you've clicked "Create New Test or Template", you'll see a list of subjects in that course. Click on the subject you want the test to be on. 

You'll then see all the units in that subject, to the right. These units are structured the same way as the specification. Choose the one you want the test to be on.

You'll then see the list of topics in that unit. This includes a description of each topic and which spec points it covers. Click once on each topic you'd like to include. We recommend 1 or 2 topics at most in a test, so they don't get too long.

When you're finished, go to the next step by clicking "Choose Questions" at the top or bottom of the page. Here's where this is:

2. Choosing your questions

When you click the "Choose Questions" button, Educake will show you the list of questions in your selected topics. Here's what this looks like:

All of the questions will start out selected (meaning they'll all be included in your test), but you can deselect them all at once by clicking "All Questions" above the list of questions. You can filter by tier (foundation or higher), type (recall, application, etc.) or difficulty (low, medium or high demand).

You can also click on "Choose random" and enter a number of questions you'd like to select randomly. If you've already deselected some questions, this random selector chooses from only the still selected questions.

To select or deselect an individual question, click the tick box next to it. 

To see the full preview of a question, click the magnifying glass on the right.

When you've selected all the questions you want to include in your test, click "Add Extras" at the top or bottom of the page to go to the next step.

3. Adding extras (optional)

The Add Extras page is where you can add information and helpful links to your test. It looks like this: 

You can create your own name for the test in the upper right corner. If you don't enter anything here, the test will be called the name of the topic.

To include helpful links for your students before they begin the test, copy and paste each web address (URL) into "Add Links For Your Students" on the left.

You can also display a message to your students before they take the test. Type this into the "Add a Message For Your Students" box on the right.

By default, Educake questions will show up in the order you saw them on the Choose Questions page. To set the questions in the same randomised order for all students, select "Once" under "Randomise Question Order". To set the questions in a different order for every student, click "For each student".

When you're done adding extras, click "Set Test Dates" at the bottom or top of the page.

4. Setting test dates (optional)

By default, your test will show up on your students' pages immediately after you assign it. On the Set Test Dates page, you can customise this. Here's what the page looks like:

The Start Date is when the test will show up on your students' pages. Click the white box, and then select the day on the calendar that appears. Use the right arrow at the top of the calendar to move to the next month.

The End Date is the deadline for a test. After the End Date passes, the test will still show up on a student's page if they haven't completed it. However, the word "LATE" will appear next to their name on your results grid. 

When you've finished with this page, click "Choose Class" at the top or bottom of the page.

5. Choosing classes

Once you've designed your test, it's time to assign it to students. Select the year you're assigning it to, and then the class. You can select more than one class.

All the students the test will be assigned to will show up below. You can deselect individual students by clicking the tick boxes next to their names. 

To preview the test before you assign it, click "Preview Test". A new tab will open, showing you what your students will see as they take the test. You'll be able to skip through questions without answering them, but your students won't. Make sure you return to the other tab to finish setting the test.

Finally, to assign the test to your class, click "Assign Test", here:

That's it! If you haven't set a start date, your test will show up on your students' My Educake pages straight away. You can view the results and leave feedback by clicking on the test from your My Educake page.

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