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Can I create a bank of quizzes that my faculty can use? Do these expire?
Can I create a bank of quizzes that my faculty can use? Do these expire?

How to use Educake to organise centralised homework and quizzes

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Yes, teachers at your school can share quizzes. You can have one central person creating quizzes for other teachers to use. There are two ways your school can do this.

First, you can use template quizzes to have one central person create standardised quizzes for other teachers at your school to assign. Here's information on how to use these: 

Your second option is to use the "re-set quiz" button on any quiz that one of your colleagues has already assigned. This article will show you how to do this.

Step 1: View another teacher's quizzes

You can view all the quizzes that other teachers at your school have assigned. Do this by clicking on "Show other teachers' quizzes" on your My Educake page, here:

This will display all quizzes set by teachers at your school, organised by teacher.

Step 2: Re-set a quiz to one of your classes

Once you can see quizzes set by other teachers, you can reset one of them to your students. When you click on the re-set button shown below, you'll make a copy of the quiz. You will be able to edit it before you set it to your students.

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