Can I download multiple student reports at once?

How to download a batch of individual progress reports

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Yes, you can download individual student progress reports for multiple students at once. You can do this for as many students as you need to as long as they're in the same year. Here's how to do this:

  1. Go to Manage Students, Classes, and Years.

  2. Select the year of the students. 

  3. Select the class you want. (You can also choose "SELECT ALL" to choose all classes in that year.)

  4. A list of the students in that class will appear below. Select the names of the students you would like reports for. Or, if you'd like to select all the students in the class, click on "SELECT ALL". 

  5. Once you have selected multiple students, the "Edit Chosen Students" box will appear to the right. Click the "Download reports" button. Here's what this looks like:

6. When the confirmation appears, click "Yes".

7. One PDF will be downloaded to your computer, usually to your Downloads folder. This PDF contains one individual student progress report for each of the students you selected.

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