Can I view all the quizzes set for a class?

Viewing the Educake markbook for a class

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Yes, you can view a class's quiz results at a glance in the Educake markbook. For example, you can view all of the biology quizzes that Class 11A2 has taken this year.

Where to find the markbook

You can get to the markbook on your My Educake page, here:

Once you've clicked this button, you'll be prompted to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the course your class is in

  2. Choose what subject you'd like to view

  3. Choose your class

  4. Click "View Markbook" at the bottom of the page

What you can do with the markbook

The markbook shows all the students in the class along the left side. They're sorted by average percentage correct. Along the top you'll see the quizzes that have been assigned to that class. Here's what this looks like:

The markbook starts out showing the quizzes that have been set this school year (since 1st September), but you can change the date range you want to look at. You can also change which attempts are shown - first attempts, last attempts, and best attempts.

All coloured boxes are included in the percentage calculations. An empty box means the quiz wasn't assigned to that student. A grey box with a zero means the quiz was assigned to that student, but they didn't answer any questions.

Here are some more things you can do on the markbook page:

  • Change the date range by clicking on the date pickers at the top of the page

  • View different attempts at the quizzes by clicking the dropdown menu at the top of the page

  • Sort students by last name by clicking "Sort Results", and then the arrows above the students' names.

  • Download the markbook as a CSV file by clicking the "Download Results" button.

  • Open the results grid for a quiz by clicking on that quiz's name along the top. This will open in another tab in your browser.

  • Open a student's progress report by clicking on their name. This will open in another tab in your browser.

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