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How do I download stickers for my students?
How do I download stickers for my students?

How to get a PDF of student login details on sticky labels

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To download a PDF of your students' usernames and class details, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Educake

  2. Click "Manage Students, Classes and Years" on the lower right of your My Educake page

  3. Choose the year you'd like to download -- you can choose whether you download the entire year or just some students

  4. Select a class by clicking on the class's name, or a select all the classes in the year by selecting "SELECT ALL".

  5. Select students by clicking on their names, or select all the students in the highlighted class(es) by clicking "SELECT ALL".

  6. A box will appear on the right, called "Edit Chosen Students". In this box, click the button called "Download labels".

  7. A PDF will download to your computer. This is usually in your Downloads folder.

  8. When you print the labels, make sure your printer setting is on 'actual size' rather than 'fit to page'.


What do the sticky labels look like?

Each sticky label will show the student's name, year, class and username. For security reasons, we don't have access to students' passwords, so these won't appear on the sticky labels. There's more information on how to reset student passwords in this article: How do I reset a student's password?

These PDFs are designed to be printed directly onto an 18-per-sheet page of labels, Avery L7161 or J8161.

Here's an example of a sticky label:

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