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How do I know if I have a question to review?

Notifications for reviewed or queried questions

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In Educake, students can disagree with the marking of a question in any teacher-set quiz. Teachers can review those questions and, for each one, change the mark or leave it as is. They can also leave a comment on the question.

Both teachers and students are notified if there's a question for them to review.

When will I see notifications?

Teachers see notifications when a student has disagreed with the marking of a question in one of their quizzes.

Students see notifications when their teacher has done any of these in a completed quiz:

  • left a comment on a question

  • changed the mark of a question

  • reviewed a question that the student disagreed with, but didn't change the mark


What do the notifications look like?

For both teachers and students, if they have notifications then they'll see a purple box in the upper right of their My Educake page. For example, here's what teachers see:

When they click the notification, they'll see a list of all the quizzes it applies to. Click any quiz to go to its results page.

Here's what teachers will see on their quiz results page:

  • Purple question mark: a student has disagreed with this question and it needs review. To dismiss the question mark, you'll need to click either the "Keep Mark as Incorrect" or "Change Mark to Correct" buttons. You can also leave a comment.

  • Dog-eared green tick or red cross: you've already reviewed this question.

Here's what students will see on their quiz results pages:

  • Purple question mark: your message on this question has been sent to the teacher to review, and they haven't reviewed it yet.

  • Purple tick or cross: new feedback from your teacher - your teacher has reviewed this question and chosen your mark. They might have also left a comment. To dismiss the purple tick or cross, click "Mark as Read".

  • Dog-eared green tick or red cross: your teacher left feedback on this question, and you've already marked it as 'read'.


How do I dismiss the notifications?

Teachers: once you've cleared all the purple question marks from a quiz (i.e. once you've acted to keep the mark the same or change it), that quiz will no longer show up in your notifications.

Students: once you've marked all of your purple ticks or crosses on a quiz as 'read', that quiz will no longer show up in your notifications.

At the moment these notifications appear only for feedback on individual questions. If you have suggestions for more notifications, please send them to us at

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