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Can Educake send username reminders to students?
Can Educake send username reminders to students?

How to email students their login details

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Yes, when you upload students into Educake, you will have the option to send students emails with their usernames and reset password links. The link in this email will work for 1 week from when it's sent and then it will expire. To make sure the emails reach your students, your IT department needs to allow Educake emails first.

You'll be able to choose whether you send this to new students only, students who already have accounts, or both. You must provide email addresses for students on your spreadsheet or the students must already have email addresses saved in Educake in order for the emails to send.

Here's what one of these emails looks like:

Hello Rosa,

Your teacher has created an Educake account for you or asked us to send you your login details. You can log in at with your username and password.

Your username is: rosad0001

If you don’t know your password or forgot what it is, you can set a new one here:

Best wishes,

The Educake Team

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