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Can students log in with their email addresses?
Can students log in with their email addresses?
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Yes. If a student has an email address saved in Educake, they can use it to log in. That means they won't have to remember their Educake username. You can add your students' email addresses all at once.

A few things you should know:

  • Students will still need to use their Educake password to log in.

  • If a teacher resets a student's password, their password will still be temporarily set to their username (e.g. justinb0007), not their email address.

  • If students are using the app, they'll still need to use their username for now.

How to add an email address to a student's account

You can see which students already have email addresses by going to Manage Students, Classes and Years, selecting a year group and all its students, and then selecting "Download usernames".

There are two ways to add a student's email address to Educake:

  1. By teachers: teachers can send us a spreadsheet with students' names, years, classes, and email addresses. We'll add the emails for them.

  2. By students: students can log in to Educake and click "Manage Password Recovery"

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