Yes, you can see the time each student spent on a quiz.

On the quiz's results page, hover your cursor over a student's total score (shown below). You'll see a box that shows how much time they spent on the quiz.

Quiz results page with the

Here's how we calculate the time taken:

  • The system counts how long students are "active" while they're taking the quiz. That means they're regularly interacting with the page without any large breaks. Interaction includes things like clicking, scrolling, and typing an answer.

  • If a student has the quiz open but hasn't interacted with it in a while, we'll count that time separately. The student might have been reading a longer question or visiting another website or study guide. If it's a very long period of time, they might have walked away from their computer while they had the quiz open. In either case, we'll show you an additional number called "Total time quiz was on screen". It's their active time plus this inactive time.

  • We round these times up to the next whole minute. For example, if a student spent 14 minutes and 22 seconds on a quiz, the results page will say "15 minutes".

If we don't have detailed timing information for the quiz (for example, if you created the quiz before we added this feature), you'll see a roughly estimated time. This is calculated from the "Answered at" times you can see when you click on each question.

If you would like to know more detail about this information or a specific quiz, please email us at

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