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How can students set up single sign-on (SSO)?
How can students set up single sign-on (SSO)?

How to log in using a Google or Microsoft account

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Educake offers single sign-on with Google and Microsoft accounts, so students don't have to remember another set of login details.

Here's how your students can set up SSO for themselves:

  1. Log in to Educake using their Educake login details

  2. Click "My account" in the upper right corner

  3. Click "Link your Google account" or "Link your Microsoft account"

  4. They'll need to confirm their Educake password first, and then they can sign in to a Google/Microsoft account to link it

Students can unlink a Google or Microsoft account from My account at any time -- they'll just need to confirm their Educake password first.

Want to send these instructions to your students? We've created articles for Microsoft and Google SSO that guide students through these steps.

Please note that in order to use SSO, students will need to use the Educake website and not the app. They can use the website on their mobile phones by opening a browser and going to

Can schools set up SSO for all students at once?

If your school would like to set SSO up for all students at once, an IT professional can send us a spreadsheet with students' SSO information. You can find out more about how to do that here.

Will students' results sync up with Teams/Classroom?

No, linking an account with Educake will not currently sync class information or quiz results into Teams or Classroom.

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