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How can my school set up SSO for our students?
How can my school set up SSO for our students?

How to centrally manage single sign-on

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How to set up SSO for your students (for Microsoft or Google)

Your students can access their Educake accounts just by going to the Educake website while they're logged in to their Microsoft or Google account.

If your school would like to set SSO up for all students at once, an IT professional such as an IT manager, network manager, or data manager can send us a spreadsheet with students' SSO information.

An IT professional must be the one to send us the spreadsheet, but any teacher at your school can request SSO setup. Here's how the process works:

  1. A teacher at your school goes to Add or Move Students in Bulk and provides the name and email address of an IT professional.

  2. We send instructions to the IT professional.

  3. The IT professional prepares a spreadsheet with students' SSO details. The students must already have Educake accounts and the spreadsheet must contain one of these combinations:

    1. First name + last name + UPN + SSO email address
      This is the most reliable option. Your school must have already imported UPNs if you would like to use this option. You can check this by going to “Manage Students, Classes and Years”, selecting students, and clicking “Download usernames”.

    2. First name + last name + Educake username + SSO email address
      You can find Educake usernames by going to “Manage Students, Classes and Years”, selecting the students, and clicking “Download usernames”.

    3. First name + last name + year + SSO email address
      This requires the names on the spreadsheets to match the students' names in Educake exactly. We will not make approximate matches.

  4. The IT professional uses the link in the instructions email to upload their spreadsheet.

  5. We import the data from the spreadsheet. This will automatically link students' Educake accounts to their SSO accounts.

  6. The next time your students go to the Educake website, if they’re logged in to their SSO provider in the browser already, they’ll see a message asking if they want to log in to Educake with that account. If they're not already logged in, they can use the "Log in with Google" or "Log in with Microsoft" buttons to log in.

Frequently asked questions

Can our students use SSO in the Educake app?

No, at the moment students need to use their Educake username and password to log in to the app.

Which providers can we use for SSO?

Your school can set up SSO if the school uses Google or Microsoft as an identity provider. We do not offer SSO for other providers at the moment.

Can we link more than one SSO account per student?

No, each student can have only one linked SSO account.

Who can make changes to our school’s SSO setup?

Only IT professionals at the school can set up SSO for students. Teachers, middle leaders, and SLT can use the form on "Add or Move Students in Bulk" to refer us to the relevant IT person at the school and we will email them instructions.

Students can't make changes to their SSO if the school has set it up for them.

What will happen to students’ contact email addresses or previous SSO?

Once a student has SSO set up, we will use their SSO email address as their contact email address and delete the contact email address they previously had.

If they had already set up their own SSO, it will be overwritten by the school's setup and they won't be able to change it.

If a student doesn't have SSO set up, they can still add a contact email address in order to get password reset emails.

What happens if students try to change their SSO settings?

Students can’t change their SSO if the school has set it up for them. Students can make changes to their SSO if they’ve set it up themselves.

How do I set up SSO for teachers?

We don’t offer SSO for teachers at this time. If your school is interested in this, please let us know on

Who can set up SSO at my school?

We will only accept SSO spreadsheets from IT staff members – data managers, network managers, IT managers, etc.

When will this be available?

Email us on if you'd like us to switch this on for your school.

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