Can I see a student report for one quiz?

How to view a report per student per task

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You can now view a detailed report for each student for a specific quiz. This report can help you target individual practice and communicate with parents. You can view it in your browser or you can save it as a PDF and print it. Here's how to see it:

  1. Click on the quiz to go to its results grid

  2. Click on a student's name

  3. Click "View student's quiz report"

The quiz report contains four sections:

  • performance by attempt

  • performance by topic

  • performance by question type or assessment objective

  • the list of questions

The performance by attempt section shows a graph and summary of up to 3 attempts. If the student took the quiz more than 3 times, we'll show the first 2 attempts and the last attempt. For each attempt you can see the date completed, how many questions they answered correctly, how many questions they answered total, and the percent correct. Here's what this section looks like:

The performance by topic section shows all the topics that were covered in the quiz. It shows how many questions were about that topic, as well as how the student did in their first attempt and their best attempt. Here's what this section looks like:

Some questions are in more than one topic. These questions will be counted in all the topics they appear in.

The performance by question type section shows how the student performed in each question type. In some subjects, this will also include assessment objectives (AOs). Here's what this section looks like:

Many questions have more than one question type, so they will be counted in more than one of these.

The last section lists every question in the quiz, and the student's answers in each attempt. In order to save paper when printing, this section doesn't include images, extracts, or code blocks. This section also includes any comments from the student or teacher on each question. Here's what this section looks like:

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