Can I see all of a student's quizzes?

How to download a list of all the quizzes assigned to a student

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Yes, you can download a CSV spreadsheet of all the quizzes that have been assigned to a student. The spreadsheet includes all quizzes that:

  • were set by a teacher, and

  • were set in the current academic year (including ones with a start date in the future)

For each quiz, the report shows:

  • the quiz name

  • the subject

  • the start and due dates

  • the score of their best attempt

  • whether the student completed the quiz late or on time

  • how long the student spent on the quiz

How to get to the report

  1. Go to Manage Students, Students, Classes and Years

  2. Select the student or students you'd like the list for

  3. Click "Download quiz list"

The list will look something like this:

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