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Can Educake create individual reports for students?
Can Educake create individual reports for students?

How to access student progress reports

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Yes, Educake automatically creates progress reports for every student who has answered more than 20 questions. Students have a separate report for each subject. Teachers can click on the magnifying glass symbol next to any student's name to generate their student report. You can find the magnifying glass in four places:

  • Manage Students, Classes and Years

  • Markbook

  • Student League Tables

  • Track Progress. 

You can also click on a student name on the results page for a quiz.

You can see a sample student report at the bottom of this article.

To download the report as a PDF, click "Open this report as a PDF", in purple. This will open the report as a PDF in another tab of your browser, where you can download it.

Students can view their own reports from their My Educake page. The report will cover the student's activity from as long as they've had an Educake account.

Here’s what a student report looks like:

Please note that in order for the report to identify Strongest and Weakest Topics, students must have answered questions in at least 6 different topics.

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