You can hide a test from your list by archiving it. When you archive a test, it no longer appears in your test list or your students' test lists on My Educake. You can still access the results of an archived test, and the results are still counted in places like the Markbook, Progress Reports, League Tables, and Track Progress pages.

Tip: if you want to clear a test off your test list but also want to assign it to more classes in the future, consider saving it as a template before you archive it. Here's an article on template tests.

How do I archive a test?

To archive a test, click on its Actions button, shown below. Click Archive test and then agree to the confirmation.

Actions button on My Educake page

Heads of department can archive any tests. Other teachers can archive only their own tests. Students cannot archive tests, although they can delete tests they've set themselves.

What happens when I archive a test?

When you archive a test, it will no longer show up on your test list, your students' test lists, or your colleagues' test lists.

Links to the archived test will still work. If a student tries to access an archived test via a link that you'd already shared, the student will see a message at the beginning of the test, but they'll still be able to take it.

An archived test's results will still be counted in Educake's analysis tools (like the Markbook, Track Progress by Topic, Compare Classes and Years, Student Reports, and the League Tables).

How do I view a test I've archived?

You can get back to an archived test at any time. From your My Educake page, click on the Filter button at the top of the orange list of tests.

Filter button on My Educake

Then tick the Show archived tests box.

The tests you've archived will appear in grey and will have "(archived)" at the end of their names. Even when a test is archived, you can still click on it to view its results. Here's what archived tests look like:

If you change your mind and want to unarchive a test, click the Actions button next to the grey test and then click Unarchive test. You'll see a confirmation. Once you've unarchived a test, it will show up again in students' and teachers' test lists.

Looking to delete a test? You can delete a test once you've archived it. Here's more information.

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